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Shaggy rug


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Shaggy rug is popular by its long cut pile hair. Chinese shaggy rugs are most made from synthetic materials like polyester polypropylene, and acrylic etc. Tianjin Union Rug Co., Ltd manufactures a large quantity of polyester shaggy rugs, acrylic shaggy and pp shaggy rugs every year. 

Polyester shaggy rug, PP shaggy rug and Acrylic shaggy rug are our main products. We have chinese knot shaggy, polyester silk shaggy, multi-structure shaggy, mixed material shaggy rugs etc. Our shaggy rugs can be any size and shape as you want. The pile height is customizable. Many colors and patterns are available. We have shaggy rug runners very popular. Our shaggy rug has a lush, soft, fluffy look.

Shag rugs are a good chioce for your room. It may be used beside a bed to create a romantic atmosphere, or under your dining table to give you a touch of class or give an exciting addition to kid's room.  Our shaggy rugs uses natural latex free of hazard chemicals and no sheding. The rug back we use cotton canvas cloth. It's anti-slip. Tianjin Union Rug Co., Ltd is dedicated to produce good quality chinese shaggy rugs for customers.

Our Shaggy rug includes:

Chinese knot shaggy rug

Polyester silk rug - 150D

Silk shaggy carpet-1200D Korean silk

3D shaggy rug

Multi structure shaggy rug

Chinese knot and silk shaggy rug

Elastic yarn and silk shaggy rug